Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mazes and Turtles

Jenneh has another trick up her sleeve, she built a maze the other afternoon. I immediately got last from start to finish.. and back again!

If you're looking for hints on how to get out, don't look this way! Dear lord. Don't just don't set out the minotaur in this labyrinth Jenneh!

You've seen us blog a lot on dogs. The truth is, I'm pretty sure we are all dog ladies here at Pico Style. Between all of us we own 8 dogs ! You won't see us blog very much about other pets.. but a few of our friends have adopted some cute ones!


Here is el jenno's sweet tortoise! He has been appropriately named "Cowabunga"!

Jesus himself has even grabbed himself a golden friend.


Personally I think they look like a thumb with a face drawn on it. Maybe that's the charm :).

(Ok ok ,so Peggy is laughing at my "thumb remark" up there because she knows that I think of it as something different. I won't delight you in drawing a diagram of what, I'll just say.. it reminds me of something uncircumcised.)

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