Monday, July 5, 2010

ஜ Ĵαмɛƨヅ ஜº on Pico.

James On Pico

I'm always happy when people get so excited about Ameba Pico that they want to create their own Pico blog! I've fallen quite in love with this new blog by ஜ Ĵαмɛƨヅ ஜº. It's witty, funny and I've frankly have never seen this side of my friend James! He's a serious character in Pico so maybe this blog is him cuttin' loose! Either way I'm a total fan-girl of James On Pico!

Check his blog! It seriously makes me LOL.


  1. James is SOOO cute. I love the writing he does over all his pictures. It's a little like Perez Hilton, except.. he's so polite!