Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sai usagi. I bow down to you.

sai usagi's room (composite)sai usagi's room!
Barbie's Dream House?
or... Boutique Hotel & Spa?

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It's about dang time that Gem Rocker is back so that I could show her this jaw dropping... wanna pee in your pants and jump up and down stylish pad. It's like an upscale boutique hotel says Gem and I totally agree. Maximum occupancy: 2 unless you wanna sleep in your mud bath. We're guessing the very top floor is a spa complete with mud caking facilities! If I had to pick only one winner for Ameba Pico's room contest this would be my pick! This four story room is so well designed that I wonder if sai usagi sat at her desk in real life and drew up blueprints so she'd know exactly how many blocks she needed to buy, etc... sai usagi, I think I love you!

Mud Bath. Bedroom.

Home is a place to share love and care
original - every house is unique. - sai usagi

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