Saturday, May 1, 2010

New & Improved!

While Pico Peggy has been busy with her pups, Mortie and Pigg Peggy have been working on their rooms! I've been busy managing my three accounts :X Buying tons of blocks and doing a complete overhaul check out these before and after shots!

Peggy's Room (Pigg)

Peggy (Pigg)

It's a lot harder to decorate in Pigg because basically you're at the mercy of your scratch cards. I religiously log into Pigg daily just to make sure that I get my one scratch a day. You win items such as clothes, furniture and if you're lucky... you'll find the token! Each scratch card contains one token. Anywho, I've been saving all my Ame points in Pigg since you REALLY can't buy anything with them but recently I found out you can buy blocks so I spent my whole bankroll :X Embracing the pink, I did what I could with the little furniture I've won and just created a very simple room layout.

Mortie's Room.

Mortie. Mortie.

Well, Mortie is officially broke. It's okay, I REALLY love his room! Unlike Peggy who got all her blocks from playing gacha Mortie saved up and was able to buy the blocks he wanted. I highly recommend doing this if you want your room exactly to your vision. The only drawback is it's kinda expensive which is a downer... but trust me your room will look fantastic! I kind of wished I could have done that for Peggy's room.

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