Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hitler is a Skanky Ho.

Hitler. Hitler.

I know Cat is the one who usually runs into Hilter but both Mortie and I have been running into him quite often at the Park Pond. It seems to be his favorite place to take his many lady friends. In fact, he's kind of a hobag! In the same day we ran into him twice at the Park Pond and each time he had a different lady on his arm. Maybe these ladies fancy the brooding artist turned crazy madman type. Or... maybe it's the 'stach?!


Oh Hitler... keep it in your pants! PLEASE! We don't need a little Baby Hitler running around :X But it might be too late... word on the street there's a Baby Hitler somewhere on Pico! I've yet to run into him. But if you guys have spotted him send me snapshots! I need to see this!

PS: Hitler, Pandas are not dogs... you might want to update your pet's profile.

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