Thursday, May 13, 2010

Face Lifts, Redheads & Brunettes.

Pigg Peggy.

Hey guys! Peggy here, I took a mini break after a much needed face lift... do you like? Since I can't really buy much with AME in Pigg, I like to keep re-inventing myself... it makes me feel kinda like Madonna but I don't have to do all that pilates to keep myself sexy. The red hair was nice for awhile but I'll always be a true brunette!

Speaking of redheads and brunettes, I'm always excited when I run into famous people in Pico.

Avatars. Avatars.

Snow White was drawing a huge crowd in the Newbie Area. No tainted apples here to bring her down. Who wouldn't recognise that face and outfit! I love when you see royalty hanging around with us regulars. She was so sweet!

Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy.

I ran into Poison Ivy while ringing a friend. She's a hot little lady in her green dress. We talked a bit about her love for plants before I ran off to ring her room. I was a bit surprised that her Secret Garden was so empty but maybe... that's cause her real garden is in a secret location. LMAO. That joke totally failed.

Secret Garden.
Poison Ivy!'s Room.

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