Saturday, May 1, 2010

Five Ways To Be A Stud!

Gene & Me.

I always tease my friend Gene that he's hot stuff cause whenever I'm hanging out with him in my room in a matter of minutes it's instantly packed with people NO FAIL! He's a walking party who seems to be able to charm all the ladies! I too, have fallen victim to his charms... so I can speak from personal experience :X Gene always replies the same to my teasing, "They're just my friends!" But I am not convinced... After careful research (ie: stalking) I think I have been able to tap into his mojo and I'm here to spill some of his secrets!

1. Keep them own their toes! Constantly update your appearance so that you always keep them guessing. Handsome man... lady boy... it doesn't matter. They will be falling to their knees when they see you coming.

2. Carry a purse. It's metro-sexual and it also shows that you're willing to carry your lady's bag if she wants you to.

3. When in doubt just say wew! It makes the ladies giggle...

4. Flirt! It's okay if you fumble cause you can just warp to another location ;x

5. Know all the places to shop! Cause when she comments on how cool your pants are you can impress her by taking her to get a pair of her own.

I swear. Follow these and you will become an instant stud.

This could be YOU:

Don't believe me? While I was writing this entry Gene and I were both AFK in his room and I captured this snapshot when I returned.

Even AFK he's caliente!

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