Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Asami!

A S A M I in her room

Guys and gals! I just met the cutest Pico named A S A M Iand she sent me the nicest letter.

A S A M I's letter I checked out her blog called A guide to a great ameba pico life. She has two posts so far and I love them both.

She's as cute as Strawberry Shortcake!

Like many of you, A S A M I wants to write more and become a better writer. We love that! Encouraging people to blog and express themselves is one thing that Picostyle writers love to do. In fact, I would love for A S A M Ito send us guests posts from time to time ... and you too!

Please follow A S A M I's blog and write positive comments on her posts. We've added it to our 'Pico blogs' list on the sidebar →.

A S A M I, I hope you keep writing and never give up. Thank you for writing to me and posing for a photo.

To all readers: if you would like to write a guest post to appear on Picostyle, please send it to along with photos. We will give you full credit as the writer. As long as your article is not hurtful to others we'll post it!


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