Saturday, February 5, 2011

Commentary: Can't we all just get along?

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Hey, I'm 'merica. You've probably seen me around.

I rolepay for a group called HetaPico, a group that focuses on the anime/comic Hetalia. As a roleplayer on Pico I have noticed a lot of hate for same-sex couples dished out by other Pico players. Most of the characters in my group are men, so it's rare to find a straight couple. Granted, we are pretty open to gay people, but the group isn't based on homosexual relationships.

We don't act out vile sex acts in public, but somehow for many people two male Picos in public is the biggest sin ever.

I don't intend to start a huge political battle. That's for real life, not games. However, other Picos can certainly make a person feel unwelcome. Even when just talking out-of-character in a public area, and sometimes even in private, other Picos will go out of their way to harass us.

For example, this happened on January 23 in a public room:
(14:35) 'merica: mmhmm~~
(14:35) Doitsu.: *hugs him*
(14:37) 'merica: *nuzzle*
(14:37) 'merica: *runs fingers through ludwig's hair*
(14:38) ♫Bяee Røṧεḓαℓ♫: EW GAYYY
(14:38) ♫Bяee Røṧεḓαℓ♫: EW EW EW
(14:38) ♫Bяee Røṧεḓαℓ♫: GAY GAY GAY

I totally understand if you guys have no desire to write about such a thing, due its political tension, and I can't say that I know any of your views on this, but I thought I'd ask.

On that same note, I have noticed a lack of respect for older Pico players. While arguing with the girl above (♫Bяee Røṧεḓαℓ♫), I revealed my age. She immediately came to the conclusion that I am the biggest bum ever. I'm only 20, man! I'm in college and I have some free time I choose to spend in Pico. Is that such a big deal? Pico is so addictive ... *le sigh*.

All of the regular writers of Picostyle are over the age of 20. We like to think that our age gives us, not only the skill to write, but the experience and perspective to be able to do so well.

What do you think, fellow Picos? Have you experienced ageism, racism, homophobia or any other forms of discrimination/prejudice demonstrated by other Pico players?

How do you feel about this? What do you think that the administrators of Ameba Pico can/should do about it ... if anything?

Please feel free to leave your opinons and perspectives in comments, but be reminded that any comments that may be abusive or offensive, or personal attacks will be deleted. Let's respect one another in the spirit of 'merica's commentary.


  1. Hello I'm Ten.Ten.! I just met this Pico ('merica) today! He was giving away free blown kisses it was the kindest thing I've ever seen on Pico!

    I've been on Pico for a while and have experienced all kinds of discrimination and prejudice. I am over the age of 20 and have experienced ageism as well.

    A lot of the verbal abuse/cyber bullying came from the younger Picos as in 13-15 so I try not to engage or get upset but sometimes it does get me down because Pico was not made for this type of behavior.

    Thank you for sharing this post 'merica and picostyle. Cyber bullying awareness is very important and I really feel bad for anyone that has to experience this. Please don't let it get your down.

  2. (this is 'merica) I remember you! You had green hair! It was so awesome! Hahaha <3

  3. Hi there 'Merica! I've seen you around sometimes also. Not sure if you remember my pico, but it's vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖. In any case, I've experienced entirely too much of homophobia, if not just witnessed it. I'm highly against homophobia of any kind, frankly it sickens me. Since most of the players on Pico are a lot younger than me I try not to get overly upset by it, but still I feel incredibly disappointed and angry. I've been bothered several times just holding hands with my friends in the public parks, without anything other than a platonic relationship involved. A friend of mine has a male pico, and whenever he wears the pink camisole dress that he has as a joke, he's constantly harassed.

    Cyber bullying is just plain rude and wrong, regardless of the age, if you ask me. But since I'm not one to stick my nose in other people's business, usually I'm just stuck watching these things unfold while shaking my head. :\

  4. I'm 11 years old, I think that was really rude. But why did you do that? I don't know I have no idea on these kind of stuff. But why? Just for fun or just to be silly? Anyway, that was rude. :|

  5. We did it because we love Yaoi.

  6. My take on it is that most of Pico's population is in the tweens and teens - an age group where showing you "belong in the crowd" is extremely important to self-image and social belonging.

    By ridiculing and bullying those considered to be on the outskirts of the social norms these people are proving (to themselves) that they're a part of the "in" group; the group that doesn't cause ripples in social fabric by questioning norms.

    This group also has little life experience and makes decisions (that they say, what they do) based on fitting in.