Monday, October 25, 2010

Room With A 'Boo!'

Room with a 'Boo!'
Pico ID: Catero

I'm surprised that neither my fellow Picostyle bloggers nor sweet_mom have posted any entries to the Halloween Photo Contest 2010. Peggy, you're the ghouliest of us all. Where are you?!

In gearing up for the scariest day of the year (no, not Pinkerton's birthday ... that's the second scariest day of the year), I decided to test out my spooking skills while I came up with my entry for the photo contest.

Donning my most gruesome costume - the death of Dane Cook's comedy career (he's as funny as finding out you have pancreatic cancer) - I went slinking about in Trick or Treat Park looking for unsuspecting souls to scare.

Hiding behind a dark corner drowned in shadows cast by eerie lamp light, I waited quietly for the ideal opportunity to pounce.

As you can see, I think this young trick or treater wet her pants from shock. Nothing can cause the paralysis experienced from true fright like the prospect of yet another humorless Dane Cook comedy special on Comedy Central.

If you would like to enter your own contest entry you have until Monday, October 25th 23:59 (GMT). For full contest details click here.


  1. "looking for unsuspecting souls to scare"
    you do that so well on a daily basis! :P

  2. You know I've busy being a hustler down at the Japanese Park! Dane Cook is rubbish!

  3. I mean have you seen Good Luck Chuck?! That should have ended both his and Jessica Alba's careers.

  4. My sweet Catero, you should know by now I am not in for competing with anyone, What I do I do for my own satisfaction. I am happier this way....LoVe YoU <3