Thursday, October 7, 2010

Out of Reach

Ah, it's that time of the month. No, not that time of the month... but it's finally my chance to rant like it is! As I told my fellow PicoStyle friends, giving me the chance to do this is like giving a kitten a ball of string to play with. In other words, I can happily go on and on and on. And on.


Hey. HEY. I know that's adorable and all, but let's bring the focus back here for a moment. Peggy, Gem, Cat & Ayu have already brought up a handful of things that I also find annoying/frustrating, and there's plenty more to talk about, but there's one thing in particular that has been bugging me for quite a while.

Pretend, for a moment, that you are happily ringing or visiting rooms.

ring ring

Suddenly, you stumble upon a wondrous sight...

om nom

Food! It looks so good. Good enough to, well... eat. However, sometimes when you try to eat the food, you might come across a few obstacles.

purple drank

too far

Either A) you can't move because you are trapped at the entrance, B) the food is simply too far away, or C) the food is floating above your head. Yes, you read that right. They actually make the food float in the air. This is a very annoying situation to run into. Why? Because it's based around lies. Dirty, filthy LIES! I was promised food, yet here I am starving and gummie-less. So, the food simply stays there. Teasing you. Mocking you.

mad apple copy

Now, I do understand the fact that some people want to use the food as a sort of "decoration" for their room without giving anyone the chance to eat or drink it. However, I believe those people should make up for this by leaving at least a couple extra pieces of food near the entrance. You know, so they can be used the way they are supposed to be used. Also, blocking off the entrance so visitors can't reach your food somewhat defeats the purpose of having a room to begin with. Invite people in, don't keep them out.

But that's not the only thing that grinds my gears. Oh, no. There are a select few who choose to purposely exploit the entrance entrapment that I mentioned earlier. This completely ruins the aspect of what Pico is all about. The people I speak of are the ones those who put a bunch of food out, create an event and promptly give their visitors the good ol' "RING/PROP ME AND YOU CAN HAVE THE FOOD" ultimatum. As I said before, that's just not how Pico is meant to be played. It's about interacting, sharing and making friends. That behavior will certainly not earn you new friends. Maybe a frenemy, but not a friend.

... oh, and one last thing before I go cool down. Lately I've come across a strange glitch which sort of addresses the exact problem I've been ranting about. It's not supposed to happen, and this occurrence is fairly rare, but look at this:

food glitch

There I am in someone's room with food that isn't mine. Notice how I was able to click on the food and bring up all the options for it. Depending on how annoyed/cynical you feel, you can either delete the food or...

food glitch 2

... move it closer to you...

food glitch 3

... and let your stomach do the rest.


  1. Tiffany Pink Of Ameba PicoOctober 7, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    hahahaha!! ikr! i hate when ppl put food out that you cant eat... so annoying... >:o(

  2. Oh I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS! Great rant, Pinkers. LOL @ the glitch! Gonna try that ;)

  3. OMG that's what happened to my sister Hayley when she was at Peggy's house! she NEVER put food in other rooms!!!

  4. the glitch happens when another pico (not the owner of the room) leaves food out and proceeds to leave. so then when others enter they can move or delete it as they please. i know cause i have multiple accounts and tried it.

    on my main pico i left food out and left the room. i entered the room with my second account and i couldnt move the food. with my second pico i left food in my main picos room and made that pico leave. and i entered the main pico room with my third account (YES! i have a THIRD account haha xD) and then that third pico was able to move or delete that food. so thats why sometimes you can move food around in other picos' rooms. [btw, you can also move food in other areas when a pico brings out food and leaves that area]

  5. Oh this glitch happens to me a lot actually!