Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

Rant Week. YAY! I’ve waited a while to complain about this, really. I guess I’ve finally had it.

You’ve all seen it… when you click that cute little innocent unassuming events buttons, it holds something EEEEEEEVIL: lies. That’s right. Dirty, rotten, cruel LIES! I’m talking about events where Pico users promise you “FREE GOLD! FREE TOKEN! FREE PETS! FREE EVERYTHING!” if you visit their room.

Buuuuuuut, there’s a catch… you gotta ring and prop the owner before they award you the “prize.” So if you do, and you’ll find yourself waiting a long, long time. <i>Foo’, the gold ain’t comin’</i>! If you wait around long enough, the owner will kick you from their room. They’ve used you already. <i>USED</i> you… All you were worth to them was a measly 20 gummies for a prop and a ring. And trust me; they will NOT call you in the morning.


So why do they kick you out? Because they want to free up space in their room to get other suckers to come around. Oh, and because they don’t have free gold. Or free tokens. Or free pets.

I’ll let you ALL in on a secret: unless you and the other user are CHEATING somehow (which will get you BANNED) it is NOT possible for someone to give you gold, a token, or a pet. Or anything for that matter, unless it’s a gift from Facebook.

Please, let’s not encourage these hooligans anymore. If you find someone hosting this type of event, call them out on it! Let everyone in the room know it’s a scam! Sure, you’ll get kicked out eventually because the owner doesn’t want you screwing up his “brilliant” scheme.

I just hate it. It’s a really selfish thing to do. Go out and get gummies like the rest of us do!



  1. I've been going to such events and screaming "this is a scam!" and then getting the immediate boot XD
    I'm never going to back down.

  2. .yeah.lots of pico usually do this.and the top pic.its EPIC!.hahaha.ameba pico didnt even reach its first birthday.XD.20 years spent?.lol.thats funny.

  3. Good for you, Anita! Don't let these jerks get away with it!
    LOL Niniyo, isn't it funny? 20 years... gimme a break!

  4. .yeap.yeap.officially ridiculous.anyways nice topic.keep it up./thumb.

  5. yeah she kick me out too this is just a trip