Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm tellin' ya'll, it's sabotage!

Wow, Pico has really been on a roll lately with releasing new items. Just a few days ago they introduced more furniture for our rooms, and now we have a fresh batch of clothing/actions to buy. All of this stuff might make us happy, but it's starting to make our wallets feel lonely. This most recent update will bring out your inner rap-star and have you sippin' on gi... er... cranberry juice in no time!

Yes, I know the shop has been open for an entire day now, but I figured that I'd inform those who haven't had the time to notice yet. Or this can be used as quick little guide to glimpse at before deciding to go. If you are interested, just head on over to New York Downtown!

NYC downtown

Once you arrive, walk on over to this man with the fancy clothes on. No, not me. The guy next to me.

NYC downtown - shop

After clicking on him (don't worry, he's cool with it), the shop will pop up. Depending on how you feel, what you see will either make you go "YEAHHHHHHHHH BOIIIIIIIII" or "oh, boy..."

Men's Items:
NYC downtown - shop items

Women's Items:

Because of Halloween slowly creeping up on us, I haven't had the courage to part ways with my precious gold. And, personally, this sort of style just isn't for me. The only thing I will most certainly get in due time is the headspin action. And, speaking of actions, ☆Neko-Reborn☆ was kind enough to show me these newly released moves. Wondering how they look before you decide to spend gold/tokens on them? Then check these out:

action 1
"Hey yo!!!"

action 2
"Dance to the Beat"

action 3

Two things I couldn't pass up, though, were the headphones and this hat.

hat and headphones

Buying a pair of headphones is a given if you are a huge music fan like myself, but the hat is glorious as well. I mean, how can you not go and buy something that looks as if a squirrel decided to hibernate on your head? Since it seemed more like a regular hat you wear in the fall than a rap hat (rhat?), I used one of the tokens stashed away in my pocket on it.

Thanks once again to Chikemuri for taking pictures of the women's items!

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