Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I won a date with the King of Pop :)

Hi everyone.. I have excited news to relay your way.. one on a more intimate note.. Gem Rock's love life.

One lonely morning in Pico I searched the events list and found the most interesting contest. It said "Win a date with Michael Jackson". Win a date with Michael Jackson? What type of fun would have have? Geri curl through our hair, would he treat me to a nose job? Take my to Neverneverland? I didn't know what magic we had in store.. but I knew this was my destiny.. to be asked out on a date by the King of Pop :).

There were two challenges to this contest, 1; To say something Michael might sing in one of his songs, 2; To dress like Michael Jackson. Done and done... he asked me those magical words... "A hee hee.. Gem Rock, Would u like to go on a date with me?"
"Yes Michael, Yes I will go on a date with you!", "Great girl ;) I will pick u up at 4"

The very punctual MJ picked me up at four, I told him "Take me wherever you want baby. I will warp to you anywhere"

We bought some matching leathers in NYC.

We fed the ducks glitter and Jesus juice in the park

We enjoyed a lovely time playing by the children @ Matsuri festival

and lastly.. that's when MJ planted a big old smackaroo on my delighted face. My first celebrity kiss! I felt like Wendy when Peter Pan taught her how to fly! How could you not fall for any man, freak or no freak, with a tongue like that?

Finally.. my sweet prince bid me farewell.

That was it for my date with the "King of Pop :)". He left me with the sweet words "I will also sing at weddings".

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