Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Oliver Meets His Match

BTW, Pinkerton is the handsome guy with the glasses next to Happy Oliver

Written by sweet_mom

Yesterday, during Happy Oliver's last visit to our Matsuri areas, my good friend Pinkerton crossed paths with the fun, little guy.

After propping and showing him his moves with the Japanese Bon-dance, Pinkerton invited our special guest to join him in minimizing themselves, which Happy Oliver gladly accepted.

Standing side-by-side, both were soon joined by many forming a line of miniature Picos.

Now that Happy Oliver has left us, there is one thing left for me to say... Pinkerton is just like Happy Oliver. He is the happiest Pico I know, always dancing around, never with a moment's rest. But he doesn't choose winners, for everyone is a winner in his presence, and the prize you get... 1000 laughs.

Pinkerton, thanks for always brightening my days!