Thursday, July 29, 2010

Room Expansions

Welcome to the latest edition of this old Pico House.
Pico has given us a rather hefty and productive updated. Our life on Pico has changed rather significantly. We can now have 1-4 rooms, and we can now also expand on how BIG our room can be!


To expand you can pay by either gummy or Ameba gold currency.


As you can see expanding your space makes QUITE the huge difference! (In case your wondering, this is Benry's Cafe. Come pay a visit).

To add addition rooms you need to pay the $5 for Ameba Gold


This is a little peek at how the room to room looks like. Now though these wallpaper and floor are the same, you can switch them up per room.

Pico has added a new variable for more depth to our regular game play. I wonder if you can hide away in the other room and pretend you're not home to wanted visitors?

In addition to these wonderful home editions, they've released some posh new furniture. Some that you've probably always wanted.

First is our NYC broad on Broadway. We asked her "yo, what's new in NYC?", and that's when she showed us her new window panes.

Now if you're looking for something a little closer to nature, we head to Sleep Elijah in the Flea Market.
What does he have?

Ever wonder why Elijah is always so sleepy? My little hippy friend does enjoy the grass.
Wait what? I meant grass carpeting! Finally a carpet you don't mind your dog peeing on. How eco-friendly.

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