Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pico: A mom's perspective

sweet_mom's mermaid jig

Written by sweet_mom

What is this "Pico thing" I hear my 14 year old daughter so excitedly talk about? As a concerned parent, I joined Pico with the only intention of monitoring its content for safety precautions, and in the process I too found myself intrigued by this wonderful virtual world.

I am totally fascinated with what Ameba Pico has to offer its members. Not only the chance to meet people from all around the world and learn from their different cultures, but the opportunity to actually befriend them and see how our "Buddy List" keeps growing everyday. Also, the excitement of earning daily "Gummies" all while having fun getting those props, rings, food, and playing games (which I might add I never win).

Though at the beginning some Picos found it strange that I, a real mom, would dare enter this virtual world to the extent of leaving me messages and letters of cruel matter, most recieved me with open Pico arms.

Isn't Pico big enough for us moms? And why not even grandmas? The answer is yes!

Pico is a great place to share with anyone that wants to join for the right reason: friendships!

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