Thursday, July 1, 2010

More pets in Pico

Instead of the usual 9 rooms, Pet Farm has bumped up their numbers today to 15 to accommodate gawkers like me who want to see the newly released Boston Terriers and tortoises.

These new pets are slightly more pricey than the cats and puppies. For 500 Ameba Gold you can bring home one of these companions.

Since Peggy and I first traveled to Pigg and discovered pets, Peggy has been yearning for a Boston Terrier to call her own. When she logs in today, once again, she's gonna freak out and run to the farm to pick up a new furry friend. But which gender and which color?

I think Peggy will look out for a female who is pink. She likes flamboyancy.

[Update] I was wrong. Peggy chose blue!

1 comment:

  1. I chose pink :) I'm glad we all chose different colours of terrier. Terrier rainbow :)