Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learning to swim at Sparking Ocean

How to swim - beach to water to island

The Aloha spirit has taken over Pico at a fevered pace. Colorfully dressed Picos are everywhere, sporting their hibiscus hair flowers or patterned board shorts. Loco moco. Hula. Friendly dolphins. Fire dancing.

Those who are new to the world of Pico have not yet experienced the "swing of things" and may need a little help getting their feet wet, so to speak.

When I visit Sparkling Ocean I see Picos hopelessly wandering the beach begging people to help them figure out how to swim.

It's not very clear how you get from walking on the beach to floating in the water, but it's fairly simple ... if you've got a spare token in your pocket.

To swim and get a floatie you need a swimsuit. So, let's get started.

Once you've landed on the little sliver of shoreline in the Sparking Ocean room ...

How to swim - click on Ricky/Shop1. Head over to Ricky, the surfer with the word Shop floating over his head and click on him

2. In the shop menu that pops up after clicking on Ricky, purchase a swimsuit using your Token (or Ameba Gold). Look at the bikinis for girls and the board shorts for boys to see your options.

Don't know if you have a Token? Look at the bottom of the shop menu.

If your Token amount is 0, you can't buy a swim suit right now. Wait to get your Daily Scratch Token and return to Sparkling Beach. In the meantime, why not enjoy Sunset Beach?

3. Once you've bought your swimsuit, click on your Closet button to put it on. Poof! Your other clothes disappear (don't worry, once you take off the swimsuit they re-appear). Click Save.

4. Voila! You're in your swimsuit and floatie. Click on the water to enjoy a dip in Sparkling Ocean or to head over to the island and meet Ka-lena who has more shop goodies to buy.

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