Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Milk helps Pico

No, this is not a post about how calcium-rich milk benefits the teeth and bones of Pico players (although it is good for you). It's about something else that's good for you.

Meet Milk! She is as sweet as she is helpful ... and very good for you.

Milk has very intelligently put Formspring to good use for those of us Picos who are a bit clueless about how things work in the game from time to time. Formspring is a free service that allows users to sign up for an question-and-answer page (that can sync up with Twitter or Facebook accounts). People ask questions. You answer them.

Visit Milk's Pico Q&A page.

Got a burning question about Pico? Whether it's about pets, actions, emotes or anything else, worry your little head no longer. Ask Milk via her Formspring page in 255 characters or less and she will kindly oblige.

Let's face it ... some of the content of the official Pico blog gets lost in translation and finding information is often not streamlined or straightforward.

If you see this little lady around Pico, please prop her and give her a few rings, because she's offering an invaluable service.

Thank you, Milk!

Image of Milk used with permission.

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